Founded and run by a team of young, adventurous and passionate videographer, editor, and associates, Studio Park aims to set a breakthrough in the wedding videography industry by mixing documentary technique with cinematography, producing story-telling wedding videos that put your guests in tears, filling your big day with “thumbs up” memories, making memory counts.

At Studio Park, we see a wedding as an important event in one’s life. While the event would eventually turned into history, the memory would be kept for life. While the wedding marks the end of two individuals’ single life, leaving their father families; it also represents the beginning of the next chapter in the couple’s life when the two became one, building their own family, hands in hands.

We are glad to be here, to tell your story and capture the wonderful moments – the tears, the laughter, the cheers and the supports from family and friends. We bring sweet memories back to live while create heartwarming moments for the future. Through simple approach, from daily routine to special arrangement, we will capture all that are needed in one take.

No NGs, no repeats of action and no planned directive shots are needed to make your story different from the rest, as every story is unique. If it is your wedding, you do not want to worry too much as it would cause pressure and stress that may turn a long-awaited moment into a disaster of life. Just relax and stay calm.

Leave your wedding to your co-ordinator and professional experts who know their roles. Don’t worry and enjoy it. A happy couple is always a beautiful couple. We are honour to be able to work with wonderful couples from far and near, who have given us their trust and support. We are proud that all of our clients have treated us like their family with respect and have appreciated the value and effort we have brought to their wedding.

The smiles, the tears, the thank you notes and the sincere appreciation received from the couples are good motivators. We received great satisfaction from our works as we became part of the team who create history for the wedding couples.

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