Patrick had founded The Romantiques band in 1998 after a 6-year stint with a very popular Penang live band from 1990 to 1996. The Romantiques began as a full 5-piece live music band before evolving today into either a 3- or 4-piece band to accommodate high client demands for such setups.

Recently, it has been re-branded as Patrick & The Romantiques to spotlight Patrick’s continued deep passion, devotion and enthusiasm, since its inception, to maintain its prominence in the live music entertainment scene.

The band’s current line-up aptly portrays four highly-experienced, musician-entertainers who have invested a good time of their lives in learning the true way of producing and delivering live music entertainment. In other words, clients will be happy that they will receive what they pay for: real, on-stage, live music skills and entertainment. REPERTOIRELanguage: English, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien), Japanese, Thai.

Genre: Pop Jazz, Pop Oldies, Slow Rock, Country, Rock & Roll, Disco, Pop Rock, Ballroom Dancing.

Music Type: Electric, Stroling Acoustic.

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