Just Married Gallery brand has undergone significant transformation and a new brand is now officially introduced – The Rings Just Married. The new esteemed brand represent our diligent work and perspective as we approached the challenge of defining a new mark in today’s one stop wedding photography industry.

The Rings Just Married is determined to leap forward with introduction of bigger venue with multiple grand stage for best gown tryout experience and superb photography setup. From a basic phone call appointment to the most important day of your life, our specialist team with combined experience of more than 70 years will serve and cater all your requirements.

Our panel of photographers have the best industry knowledge and experience to deliver the perfect wedding photography. From the very first setup of equipment to scene shots to final creation of photography album, each step will be professionally compose to produce the best quality work.

Our creative team and photographers brings the love story nearer to life through visual presentation – your wedding photographs born the essence of love to everyone viewing the album. The entire session will be fun and further bonding thus leave a remarkable and long lasting memories.

All wedding gowns were carefully selected from designers across Europe and Asia, if that is not satisfying, rest assured our in-house tailor will make the best cutting to suit you. Not sure how to request a perfect gown? Talk to our gown specialist and you will be surprised the range of possibilities lining up for you.

Our work has been remarkable and iconic in this industry, this made us a preferred choice for many celebrities both local and international. In today’s business world, we put your interest above all, your opinion mean more to us, your satisfaction is our achievement and your words carry us further ahead. Meet us today and you will know why we are the ones. The Rings Just Married – a true love story.

Here’s our list of services but it doesn’t end here. Make us work harder, tell us even more of your needs.
– Prewedding Photography
– Pre-wedding Videography
– Actual Day Photography
– Actual Day Videography
– Event Photography
– Event Videography
– Family Photography
– Personal Photography
– Actual Day make up
– Gown Rental
– Men Coat Rental
– Custom make gown
– Custom make coat
– Hand bouquet

Just Married Gallery品牌经历了显著改造和新品牌现已正式更名为The Rings Just Married。 新品牌代表着我们的努力和视野,我们认真迎接挑战以迈进一站式婚纱摄影行业的新指标。

The Rings Just Married已搬迁到更大的店面以让我们尊贵的顾客享有最佳礼服试用经验及设置多个拍摄场景。只需一通电话就能预约到您生命中最重要的一天,我们的专家团队拥有超过70年的综合经验,将有助于和满足您的所有需求。




专业的指标让我们在婚纱行业拥有一定的地位,这也促进我们成为许多本地名人和国际性的最佳选择。在当今的商业世界里,我们把您的利益高于一切,您的意见意味着我们的成长,您的满意也是我们最大的成就。欢迎参观本店以了解为什么我们是您唯一的选择- The Ring Just Married 。

– 婚纱摄影
– 婚纱录影
– 婚礼摄影
– 婚礼录影
– 活动摄影
– 活动录影
– 全家照
– 个人专辑
– 婚礼化妆
– 新娘婚纱出租
– 新郎礼服出租
– 新娘婚纱定制
– 新郎礼服定制
– 手花&花车装饰

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